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Harley-Davidson Apparel

Fresh Design International is experienced in creating the retail experience for Harley-Davidson motorcycle dealerships globally. G-III not only manufactures clothing for Harley-Davidson but are a leading apparel distributor with a growing portfolio of power brands such as Donna Karan, DKNY (which they own), and fashion licenses for the likes of Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, and many more.

G-III developed a design tender for the Harley-Davidson project and was involved in appointing Fresh Design International as the project’s chosen designers. Karl McErlean, President of Sourcing & Overseas Offices for G-III said, “Fresh has vast experience delivering quality work for Harley-Davidson. They are incredibly well respected and known for their strengths in interpreting the brief quickly and delivering creatively.”

Fresh Design International delivered a total retail solution for the Harley-Davidson clothing stores which included; market research, concept design, concept development, and design development — which details all the components and specifications required to enable G-III to implement the project wherever they are in the world. The retail rollout began in January 2018 with new stores opening in the shopping malls of China and India.


Simon Wardle, co-founder and Managing Director, Fresh Design International in the UK said:

“We are immensely proud of the project. Together with G-III, we have been able to create a store experience for the non-riding, aspirational customer that enables them to begin their love affair with the Harley-Davidson brand, and go on to become motorcycle buyers of the future”.

In line with Harley-Davidson’s long-term objective to build the next generation of Harley-Davidson riders globally the style agreed by all three parties after Fresh conducted relevant market research to enable the brand to reach the relevant apparel retail audience was ‘urban’ and ‘cool’. The key to design has been the use of large branding and imagery along with moving images and video capturing the spirit of freedom, rebellion, and adventure associated with the Harley-Davidson lifestyle.


Karl McErlean, from G-III continued, “Fresh has delivered firmly within the parameters of the Harley-Davidson DNA and the rollout is going well. Fresh grasped the brief quickly and have delivered true to form. WE HAVE FOUND THEM TO BE BOTH PROFESSIONAL AND HIGHLY INSPIRATIONAL PARTICULARLY THEIR USE OF TECHNOLOGY. We are talking next steps with Fresh already. They have brought to us innovative ideas for enhancing the customer experience using virtual reality, which involves having a bike in store, and integration with electronic customer interaction on tablets and phones.”

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