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Interior Design

Interior Design

The Fresh teams create distinctive interior environments that connect with people and reflect brands.

We know form. We know lighting, colour and finishes, and we create special spaces that fulfil clients’ needs – rationally, intelligently and clearly.


Our global team of retail specialists provide the necessary expertise to deliver projects that surpass our client’s expectations

Our retail environments reinforce a brand’s identity and aim to address the way the space engages the customer, promoting sales and influencing revenue. This increased revenue is now something we can prove statistically.


Fresh create commercial spaces that are great to work in and visit whilst complying with local regulatory requirements

An office environment should promote the business, the brand identity and support the business’s vision. Our design team infuse these goals whilst creating environments that promote productivity and the well-being of staff members. Fundamental to the success of any business model.


Our approach to residential properties is broad and multidisciplinary

Our wealth of market experience comes from working on everything from private residences, holiday homes and prestigious penthouse apartments to large scale housing developments, show homes and student accommodations. We deliver smart and rich experiences that are inspired by their communities and portray the character and vision of the client.

Hospitality and Leisure

Consumers are expecting more from their downtime. With mindfulness and investing-in-me being the order of the day we create memorable leisure and hospitality environments.

Our bespoke environments focus on the brand, leaving a lasting impression and aiding in repeat clientele for your business. Our projects range from prestigious restaurant and bar brands to stylish health and beauty establishments.

Arts and Culture

Whether your project is a public space, museum or visitor centre, we have the creative expertise to maximise footfall and create real connections with your target consumer.

Spatial planning combined with impactful and clear messaging are key to driving engagement and when we couple this with our in-house virtual reality production…. well, now you’re talking! Whatever your project, get in touch to see how we can magnify the power behind your vision.