The relentless pursuit of perfection

Fresh, Fort Lauderdale, was commissioned by The Automotive Team at Lexus to plan, develop the concepts and design 3 projects. Over the last 9 years, we put all effort to gain Lexus approval to endorse a license to develop a second dealership in the Orlando metro area. There was stiff competition by other large licensees, and therefore this project represents years of work, planning exercises and building layouts and concepts culminating in this concept.

The key drivers required by the client were to develop a unique experience and develop a sensation of a "concourse'd’ elegance, a well-known exhibition of the finest cars in the world, but in a Lexus kind of way” meaning modern, accurate and refined luxury feeling.

The client spent years sharing with us his secrets to a good dealership sales and service process and the success in each department. From this, we were also briefed to develop a facility floor plan that took care of all the details of such process, from the arrival to delivery. The last request was focused on design, delivering against modern sleek design lines and sensation of expansive luxury.

After months of due diligence, taking in consideration bid documentation, market and target consumer analysis, current and future interstate highway traffic and site visits to understand the current design direction and best practices of Lexus stores and competitor brands current flagship stores from Texas to Japan, we proceeded to the delivery stage.

The entrance to the site opens up with a bridge over a retention pond that included a lit fountain filled with landscape and lights, and sweeping smooth curves to resemble the entrance to a country club, which not only was designed to mirror the drive up luxury experience of such environments, but also to hide 200k sqft of buildings facing the interstate until the very last minute its large covered drive-in reception, solving the Concourse'd elegance feeling.

The planning of the sales desk, the technology centre, and the new car delivery bays were all synchronized to maximize the sigh lines of the customer while minimizing the service/sales advisor travel time to and from each sales process area. The New car delivery is a great concept that allows for the delivery of 6 automobiles at the same time in a completely private way for each person, using the minimum amount of space and driving through and out right out of the dealer showroom. The large covered multi-lane service reception lanes played an important role for both stretching the frontage on the interstate, as well as fulfilling a signature experience for the owner improving from his older Lexus dealer service drive in Winter Park.

The building design, carried modern lines ideas absorbed through our due diligence, like the rectangular frame lines and glazing part of the Lexus international Gallery in Aoyama (Tokyo) and the blade logo highlight found in the Park Place Lexus in Plano Texas, into a new, unique modern building design that carries the Lexus look and feel into a new level.

Fresh Fort Lauderdale is proud to have developed the design concepts for site planning, the building exterior design and the interior department layouts and furniture layouts.


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