Brand Identity

The strongest asset a company can have is its brand identity, ensuring it leaves a positive and lasting impression on its audience.

We focus on creating innovative concepts that reflect the brand identity, ensuring that every touch point continues that brand message and engages the customer.

We are proud to create brands that causes others to take notice.


Our ability to deliver unique and bespoke concepts starts with a conversation.

Understanding your values, company ethos, aspirations, story, personality and heritage helps us to formulate a creative brief and assists in the development of your overall mission.

Developing our creative ideas in this way allows us to identify the most effective way to communicate a unique and appropriate message.

Your brand is your reputation, innately human and built by and for people.


We breathe life into your company identity forming a distinct image to market and connect with your audience. A logo should first be memorable, having a symbolic essence of what your company or product represents.

A logo is one part of the bigger message, the tip of the iceberg or the shiny beacon which makes up your brand's identity. We are committed to consistently delivering high quality design that will enable our clients to stand above their competitors.


Our expertise in Digital Media allows us to give your brand a digital presence that will boost your brand's performance and create something new and exciting.

Our design teams will find out which qualities make your brand stand out and help engage your audience across the digital landscape. Our creative concepts and technical knowhow can then elevate your brand and business across a magnitude of platforms maximising its potential impact and securing brand loyalty through new and exciting means.


Here at Fresh we understand both current and emerging game technologies, and offer specialist consultation and delivery for gamified content across a variety of different platforms.

Our experts can turn your brand and projects into fully-integrated engagement experiences.

Brand engagement at its best. 


We understand not all companies want a new brand.

Some have already been developed just not gathering as much momentum as they desired. Our team of creative experts can evaluate your brand's equity, customer needs and market opportunities to re-invent or evolve your brand for greater impact. We can reposition your brand and create a bespoke package of tailored solutions to either re-launch or reposition it in the market. Let’s have a conversation and see where we can help.

Brand DNA

Once a brand is formed, strengthen it.

Every interaction with a client or customer should reinforce your message, connect and engage, promote the brand with an end goal of revenue. Our range of services such as interior design, Architecture and Activation does exactly that. Our ability to understand your brand and deliver this in a physical environment is something we are trained to do. After all, a holistic approach is key to long lasting results.

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