Visual Merchandising

Fresh has the power to connect data to physical goods like never before. Our team of experts bring responsive retail and IoT to the connected shoppers of the future.

Here at Fresh, we enable you to evolve and adapt quickly to customer’s changing preferences while creating a more engaging environment.

It’s our job to know what your customer wants before they do.

Responsive Retail

Responsive retail is the next phase of retail evolving from multichannel to omnichannel and beyond.

Here at Fresh we are utilising our expertise in emerging technology to regain an edge, creating environments which are tailored to the customer’s desires. With sales staff who understand the customer's style, we can provide a service to discover their next purchase, create an inventory stocked with items to suit the customer's personal tastes, making the operations of the store hyper-efficient, and engage customers in exciting ways with in-store experiences.


We focus on the study of your brand, bringing to life the brand’s personality and seasonal opportunities improving the customer's experience and promoting targeted ranges.

Our expertise is essential in creating that all-important, silent salesperson that every retailer needs. We can do everything from development of brand manuals and visual merchandising programs to showcasing window displays and improved sales floor profitability.

We have an expert team in store operation, providing strategic selling tools used to influence what and how much the customer buys. Our experience has demonstrated our ability to implement inspirational design ideas to increase store traffic and sales volume.

Consistent Standards

With our expertise in brand development, we understand the importance of creating clear brand policies which the customer needs to reinforce the retail experience across every store touchpoint. 

We develop brand guidelines for in store implementation. From creating in-store manuals and store-ready policies to engaging training materials and intuitive apps, we provide the means to deliver consistent brand delivery to improve your commercial performance.

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