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What do you do when you are the World's fastest growing car brand?

According to Brand Finance, Tesla has been crowned the fastest growing brand in the company’s Global 500 2021 Index, with a ‘brand value’ of a whopping $32.0 billion USD — up 158% in the last year alone.

In a pandemic-ridden year that was especially hard on vehicle manufacturers, Tesla managed to thrive.

We partnered with them to support this growth in Europe with the creation of a network of service centres.

Having completed a number of service centres in the UK, Netherlands, France, Spain, Portugal, Northern Ireland, Norway, and Sweden for Tesla, our intelligent project management process delivered services of strategic importance to Tesla.

Tesla is continually innovating with their service centres that are continuously connected to headquarters, allowing Tesla technicians and engineers to work together to identify and resolve issues in real-time. Within hours, they can make updates across the entire customer fleet.

With remote diagnostics and automatic check-in, the service team can pre-diagnose repairs and order parts before you even arrive. Simplified engineering means that most service does not require lifts. The cars can usually be repaired right on the floor, saving customers valuable time.

The result is a car that is constantly evolving and improving and service centres that keep the driver on the road.

The Details

For our services for Tesla showrooms, we survey and assess prospective real estate, a process that included drain surveys, environmental surveys, fire risk assessment amongst other areas.

Our team then create drawings for the re-modelling of the building and sites in line with CI, with an emphasis on the flow and efficiency of the workshop along with customer experience in the showroom.

In addition, we undertake spatial planning and QS services to estimate build-out costs along with managing in-market licenses and planning permissions.

With the Tesla procurement team, we manage the tendering process, bid walking the premises with prospect contractors, and evaluating bids.
Fresh also represent Tesla on-site during the construction and the procurement of equipment and furniture.

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