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Les Mills

State of the art studio

Designed and conceived by Fresh UK, with implementation and project management handled by Fresh Japan along with procurement and appointing the contractor.

We were tasked to create a space that could be used as a training studio for Les Mills classes and an induction training centre for new Les Mills instructors.

The problem to solve was the transition period from one class to the next. The biggest time waster was in gathering together the equipment needed for the class and setting up the space. The steps and other equipment were stacked in a couple of areas, with two stacks side by side so when a visitor was getting what they needed they had to join the queue. To negate this, we created racks for the equipment and spread them around the perimeter of the studio providing more access.

We also designed a lounge area, to be used by the Les Mills team, in which to train, develop their company culture and exercise theories, alongside a studio for performing the routines and learning how to present them to the public.


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